Sunday, 22 December 2013

We have a date, you and I!

You hem me in, behind and before, You lay your hand upon me! Psalm 139:5

Little Bean,

I can hardly believe I get to see you again this week! Just a few more days.... not long at all. I cant wait to see if your'e doing ok! I know your little heart is still beating strong because I hear it every day - its so reassuring!! :)

I am so glad to know that God is busy at work on you. Its hard knowing that I have no real control over how things are going in that little house of yours, but its ok, its teaching me to trust our Maker more and more every day!

I am not feeling as sick any more, which partly worries me, because I wonder if it means your'e not doing so great...but not long until I know how you are! I am steadily getting bigger and I love being able to see the affects of you growing!

Once we have seen you on Friday, we will tell the world all about you! And I cant wait to share the news, some people know about you but I want to tell everyone...its so hard to contain something so exciting!

We were able to share the news at a team reunion yesterday, but there are still so many people to tell! 

Looking forward to our little date, 

Love you so much, 


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