Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The countdown has really begun!

He is the maker of heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them- He remains faithful forever! Psalm 146:6

My little man,

Here we are...32 weeks you and I - 32 weeks of growing you and loving you and hoping for you. All the while not knowing if each week would be the last, or whether it would bring us that much closer to finally holding you in our arms.

As I sit here I can feel you kicking, I think you are frustrated with the lack of space! I am extra aware of how cramped it is in there for you now, because today we had another growth scan and I have to be honest, I cant tell what I am looking at in this picture of you... I can see your umbilical cord and your knee...but your face is hard to see now!

You are BIG. 4lb 8oz is what they estimate right now. Crazy considering you still have a LOT of time to grow! The good news from the scan today, is that your heart and kidneys still look good. There are no visible issues. We are still faced with the borderline unilateral ventriculomegaly on your left ventricle. But it hasn't increased, which is a huge relief. Your left side is 10mm, which is almost double the right side, at 5.5mm, I'ts scary because until you come, we just don't know what this means...or if it even will have any importance. So for now, we have to just continue to trust God. He is faithful. He has been faithful throughout this pregnancy... and every time I think about you, I thank God for all his many blessings. All the things about you that he has made unique and special and perfect in His eyes. In our eyes too. We could not love you more little man, you are everything we have ever hoped for.

I can hardly believe that we are into the last 8 weeks of waiting. It finally feels like we are close to meeting you! Keep growing strong, we pray for you every day, and we love you more than we ever thought possible.

Mama xx


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