Monday, 20 July 2015

A whole year...

My little Man,

You are ONE! Seems crazy that this day felt like it would never be here.... as a parent I think you feel like you will have your tiny baby forever, then suddenly, your baby is so big!

You Malakai, are by far the best one year old I have ever met! You are a delight! You may have to share that title if you ever have siblings though!

I feel like this photo shows your character so well. You are bright, loud, grubby, full of excitement, active, curious and sooooo adventurous. 

You have two teeth still, curly blonde hair, and the deepest blue eyes. You weigh 22lbs, and are still very tall! You love to say 'oh wow' and 'ball' - you are obsessed with light switches, door handles and lids. You need to put lids where they belong, and try out all the handles... You know the sign for "milk" and use it ALL the time... you point too, at EVERYTHING!

You have a sweeter gentle side too. I love your cuddles, and the way you  melt into my shoulder when you're tired.  Your sweet open-mouthed kisses, your giggles, and especially the way you drift to sleep while you're staring right at me. 

You had your first birthday cake a few days ago when we gathered with some of your favourite people, you had a great time in your birthday sandpit too! It was a very special day, one I will remember always. 

Romans 8:32 - He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?

Our son, this year has taught us both SO much but most of all our hearts have experienced an incredible love that we've never felt before! God has given us a child....YOU! You are the greatest gift we have ever received and by God's great goodness he has used that love to show me just a TINY bit of how much God must have loved his Son, Jesus! But Romans 8:32 says that God didn't hold on to His Son, as precious as he was. God willingly sent Jesus to his death to save you and me. 

I hope this verse shows you that, as much as your parents love you, you are MORE valuable to your Heavenly Father, who sent his Son to die to save YOU! And for that fact I am praising God right now! He is a faithful and loving God and you can put your life in His hands and he will never let you down, because he has saved you!
We love you with our whole hearts!!! Happy birthday, sweet boy.
Momma and Daddy


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