Saturday, 20 September 2014

Two Months Old!

Little Fella,

Two Months!!! When did that happen?
You are 13lb 9oz of pure funny bone! You crack us up daily with your little smiles and giggles! You respond to us more and more, you concentrate so hard on everything in sight!

You are growing out of clothes almost as soon as you've grown into them! I feel like you grow overnight.... its non stop and its a dream to watch you thrive so much!

You started coming to work with us this month - since you were about 6 weeks! You love all the people, and love hanging out in the wrap while Mama works! A major highlight of the month was your Ouma and Oupa visiting from Zimbabwe. They stayed for the whole month and it was so special to see them with you! They doted on you and did a great job helping us to look after you! You especially loved Oupas big shakes and Ouma took an impressive amount of photos of you! We hope that they will have a chance to see you again one day soon!
While they were here you had your first beach holiday - we spent a week in Abersoch, Wales, with the entire family - You didn't really have a clue where you were, but we like to think you enjoyed it! Who doesn't like the sea side after all? Your BIG cousins Sarah and Timmy were there with us and they lavished you with kisses and endless cuddles! You enjoyed bathing with them too! (Yes, you still LOVE to bath!)

James 1:17 - Every good and perfect gift is from above...

We had the opportunity to have you dedicated (blessed) in church this month. It was a very special day, and we felt so grateful that we had that opportunity to thank God for you in front of our church family, and to tell them of how wonderful God is to safely bring you to us! We also prayed that we would, with Gods help, be able to raise you well :)

You are still a delightfully happy baby that gives us no trouble at all. You are laid back and just seem to go with the flow! Nothing seems to phase you much at all.

You are gaining weight like a champ - probably due to your endless eating! You are a healthy little chunk! We still have to get your head measured every two weeks to keep an eye on that fluid on your left ventricle - but so far so good! :)

My favorite things about being a Mama this month have been, seeing you make other people happy, and seeing you become a very smiley boy! I love giving you raspberries, and I absolutely love it when you laugh so hard in your sleep that your whole body shakes. I love the way you nuzzle my neck when you're sleepy! So cute!

You are growing a second chin, and you now have some chubb in those cheeks of yours! Keep growing little squidgelet, Mama Loves you!


  1. What chance an update to coincide with 20th July? Just a thought :-)