Tuesday, 8 April 2014

God is faithful...

Your love O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness, to the skies. 

Psalm 36:5

Little Man, 

We're in the third trimester! Yay!! Today we went for another growth scan to make sure that your'e growing right, and to check up on the extra fluid on your brain! 

On the way to the hospital there was a big rainbow over Sheffield. It reminded me of Gods promises, and His faithfulness. I was filled with peace knowing that God has you in the palm of His hand...and though we know NOTHING, He knows everything about you already! 

You are NOT so little any more! Since we last saw you you have more than doubled in size! I am blown away. You are 27+2 and weighing in at 2lb10!! That is HUGE! I am so proud of all the growing you have done! (Partly due to all the ice lollies I have been eating I am sure!) You have gone from being below the 25th Percentile in limb length and weight, to being above the 50th Percentile! This fills us with so much joy, to know your'e growing at the right rate! 

Most excitingly, the unilateral ventriculomegaly (fluid on the left side of your brain) has reduced! Its now measuring 10mm, which is borderline! We are so grateful for this, and really surprised! :) You still have a great heart too! Its beating away at a great rate! 

You seem to be pretty laid back... I mean, you never keep still, but somehow you still looked like you were on a summer holiday in there with your little legs crossed and looking so chilled out! Taking after your dad more and more each time we see you! 

You growing on the inside means me ever expanding on the outside! I feel bigger every day, but not sure its hugely noticeable, but my belly button has gone from being an 'inny' to being almost an 'outy!' - weird!

Keep growing strong lil man! Only about 12 weeks til we get to hold you in our arms, we can hardly wait! 

Mama x 


  1. Malakai always looks so relaxed in all his pictures, like he really knows what's going on and has nothing to worry about. I'm genuinely delighted for the three of you. I can't wait to see your amazing, gorgeous family together! x

    1. I cant wait to see him and Mia grow up alongside each other! :) Thank you my sweet friend x So much love xx