Monday, 23 June 2014

Growing, growing & more growing!!

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. 1 Chronicles 16:8

Little man, Look at how far you have come!

You have been growing for a whole 38 weeks! Today was another scan day! No more scans for us!!!! Your'e doing so great! They estimate you at a whopping 8lbs!!!! and you still have 2 weeks to grow! How much bigger are you gonna get?! Of course, pictures of you are near impossible now because of how squished up you are in there!

Everything else on the scan seems to be much the same, and now we are just waiting for you to be here so we can know how you're doing! We are aching to hold you and waiting feels unending! 

The fluid around you is stable and you are ever so slightly engaged, so there is no rush to get you out - what a huge answer to prayer, because we know that you are safest in my belly for as long as possible! The fluid on your brain ventricles is unchanged, and when you are born they will need to do a brain ultrasound to know exactly what this will mean. But we are not worried, God has you in His care, and He has been faithful throughout! 

I feel BIG and heavy! Your growth sure stretches me out - its a wonder I am not bursting at the seams! I am uncomfortable, but I still LOVE growing you inside me! I love that you have a sleep pattern, and that I get to feel you respond to daddy's voice & how fruit makes you dance! You could be here in 2 weeks, or it could be as long as 4 weeks - but regardless, I am determined to savour these moments where its just us two! Before I have to share you with the world!

I cant wait to meet you Malakai....and I am aching to kiss your little cheeks!
Lots of love, 

Mamma xx


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